How Much Does Short Term Auto Insurance Cost

Not all auto insurance consumers need to buy coverage for a standard term of up to 12 months and people in this category may be wondering about the answer to the question, “How much does short term auto insurance cost?”

The cost of short-term auto insurance coverage varies, depending on the company writing the policy. Consumers who know they only need auto insurance for a limited time should make a point of getting quotes from a number of providers before choosing where to buy their policy.

Who Needs Short Term Auto Insurance Coverage

Circumstances where a driver may need to look at buying short-term auto insurance coverage include the following:

  • A vehicle owner is planning to sell his or her car soon and does not want to buy insurance for full-term.
  • A licensed driver is arranging to borrow a friend or family member’s car from within a few days.
  • Someone is planning to drive across country for vacation or business purposes and needs coverage during that time.
  • People who are working from home most of the time may not want or need to buy insurance which provides coverage on a daily basis.

Short Term Auto Insurance Costs

Short term auto insurance rates can be higher than buying a policy with a longer-term. Consumers interested in this type of coverage should consider how long they need to have coverage in effect before shopping for policy. Some companies will write up policy for his little as one day or up to six months for short-term coverage.

How to Find Short Term Auto Insurance Coverage

An effective strategy for finding short-term auto insurance coverages to go online. Not all companies sell this type of protection, and an Internet search can help narrow down the choices relatively quickly. Once a consumer finds an auto insurance provider here she is interested in, getting a quote for coverage is a relatively simple matter.

The driver would fill out an online form and answer a few questions about the amount of coverage he or she needs and the make and model of the vehicle to be insured. It is a good idea to ask the insurance company whether the policy can be rolled over if it turns out that the driver needs to have coverage in place longer than originally anticipated.

Alternative to Short Term Auto Insurance Coverage

In a situation where driver only needs coverage for very short time and will be renting a vehicle, the insurance offered by the rental agency may be a good choice. All companies offer this protection as a matter of course, and a renter must specifically decline on his or her rental agreement.

Before deciding whether to accept car-rental insurance offered by the agency instead of arranging for short-term auto insurance coverage, the driver will need to gather information about waits for short-term protection and read the rental agreement carefully to understand exactly what it contains.

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