How Much Auto Insurance do I Actually Need?

Although there are still a large number of road users who drop their levels of auto insurance coverage in an attempt to save money on their household expenditure, the Insurance Research Council has recently revealed that the number of road users taking to state roads and highways without any auto insurance coverage in place is likely to climb further to a projected figure of 16.3% throughout the remainder of 2010.

Although many drivers are still carrying the minimum mandatory levels of auto insurance coverage requested by their own respective states, an increasing number of vehicle owners are operating without any auto insurance coverage at all. Sadly, it usually comes down to the more honest road user to cover these lost costs and their auto insurance rates tend to escalate to compensate for those who avoid purchasing an auto insurance policy of their own.

The Insurance Research Council recommends that all road users purchase the minimum mandatory levels of auto insurance coverage dictated by their own local state laws and, if they own a vehicle of significantly high value, that coverage should be increased to allow for the rising costs of repairs or replacement parts which are associated with road traffic accidents.

Although bodily injury liability and property damage liability are the most important considerations relating to auto insurance coverage, the conscientious driver should also consider collision coverage, personal injury protection, comprehensive insurance and protection against uninsured or underinsured motorists whenever auto insurance quotes are being reviewed.

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