How Mileage Affects your Australian Auto Insurance Quotes

The sheer size of Australia makes vehicle use an absolute necessity. For those living in small towns away from the big cities, a simple shopping trip can take up to the best part of a day to complete. Australians living in one of the bigger cities also have many reasons for daily car use, especially when it comes to getting to their place of work. Minimizing your annual mileage can help to lower the cost of your auto insurance quotes and there are a number of ways in which this can be achieved:

  • If you live in an area that’s many miles away from the nearest big town, talk to family members or friends and co-ordinate shopping trips so that only one vehicle is being used. By taking turns in driving on a weekly basis, annual mileage can be reduced and this will bring down your auto insurance rates
  • Workers in the bigger cities can organize car pools through their place of employment. Often, a vehicle is used for work transportation with just the driver inside. By filling up the car with 4 other workers and rotating driving responsibilities on a week-to-week basis, a car that is used for 50 weeks of the year (allowing for a fortnight of holidays) can be reduced to just 10 weeks per year
  • If you don’t live near other work colleagues, explore the cost of public transport. Bus and train services offer substantial discounts on weekly tickets and provide a perfect excuse for leaving the car at home. As well as saving money on your auto insurance quotes, you’ll also save money on fuel costs and vehicle wear-and-tear

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