How Kansas Auto Insurance Companies Set Rates

Kansas auto insurance companies set rates using  a proprietary formula. Each one writing policies in the state determines how much to charge for coverage independently. A driver who wants to find the best rates for his or her coverage should make a point of shopping around, since pricing can vary significantly between providers.

A person who applies for coverage will need to be prepared to share some personal information as part of the process. The insurance company will ask about the applicant’s driving history before offering a quote. Drivers who have been involved in one or more accident or who have moving violations on their driving record are more likely to repeat these events. The insurance company will pull an applicant’s driving record before agreeing to provide coverage, so the driver should make a point of being honest about his or her past.

The make and model of the car is another important factor. Some models, such as sports cars, cost more to cover because they are more likely to be involved in an accident. Customers who choose to drive SUVs can also expect to pay more for coverage, since these vehicles are more likely to inflict damage on the other car in an accident.

The amount of driving that the customer does each year is another factor that helps to determine rates. Drivers who limit the amount of time they spend behind the wheel can qualify for better rates than people who spend a lot of time on the road.