How is my Auto Insurance Policy Established?

Auto insurance quotes are established using a variety of different factors. In the modern age, most consumers are now reasonably familiar with these considerations but refreshing the memory by reading through our key points can lead to cheap auto insurance quotes in the future. There are six main factors to review.

Driving Record

Continuous use of a motor vehicle without being involved in an accident will help to build a safe and solid driving record. Cheap auto insurance quotes will be easier to find if you can also avoid traffic violations and unpaid parking tickets.

Coverage Levels

Only purchase the amount of auto insurance that you actually need and don’t be tempted by comprehensive coverage if your vehicle is an older model with a low market value. Raising your deductible figure will also help you to secure low auto insurance rates.


Age is a major consideration when it comes to cheap auto insurance quotes. Young drivers and those over the age of sixty will usually find themselves paying higher auto insurance rates than middle-aged motorists.


A cheaper vehicle with high mileage will be cheaper to insure than a new sports car with a high performance engine. Always choose a model that reflects your ability to purchase the right levels of auto insurance.


The area in which you live will have a massive effect on auto insurance quotes. Quiet, rural areas with low traffic levels attract lower premiums than urban areas with high crime rates.


Use your vehicle less to qualify for cheap auto insurance quotes. Use public transport more often or make use of a bicycle over shorter trips to lower your auto insurance rates.

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