How is Bad Credit affecting my Mississippi Auto Insurance Quotes

Many road users in Mississippi are unaware of the fact that a bad credit record can have a devastating effect on the cost of auto insurance coverage. Although there are many other contributory factors that a carrier will consider when they supply you with auto insurance quotes, some motorists may find that an adverse credit rating will have a much higher impact on their auto insurance rates than they initially realize. Thankfully, there are a series of steps that motorists in Mississippi can consider taking and these can often lead to cheap auto insurance quotes in the future.

Review a Copy of your Credit Report

Always try to make sure that the entries on your credit record are completely accurate. Consumers in the US are entitled to a free copy of their credit record irrespective of the state that they live in. However, only one report can be offered from any one of the three main US credit agencies within a single twelve month period.

Once you have received a copy of your credit record, read through it carefully to check that all the information is up-to-date and factually accurate. It is not unusual for settled debts to still be on record but these can be easily removed as long as proof of payment can be provided. The more entries you can have removed from your credit record, the cheaper your auto insurance quotes will be! Always pay careful attention to any signs of identity theft. This has become a significant problem in Mississippi and credit reports are a great way of highlighting fraudulent behavior.

Settle Outstanding Debts

Although it might be impossible to clear all of your outstanding debts, it is always advisable to rid yourself of as many records of bad payment as possible to help secure cheap auto insurance rates. The more entries you can eliminate, the better your credit record will be. Once you have tackled as many outstanding debts as possible, try to make sure that all future payments or installments are made in a timely manner.

Proof of Bad Credit

The Fair Credit Reporting Act has been implemented to give consumers an opportunity to measure the reasons behind refused credit or higher charges because of poor payments in the past. Always insist on asking companies to send out a copy of the report used to make a decision on any purchases where credit scoring has been implemented. Remember that you are legally entitled to ask for this information and any company that refuses to comply with your wishes should be reported immediately

Beating Bad Credit

By using Promiga for all of your auto insurance quotes, you’ll have access to a range of top-rated carriers who specialize in providing cheap auto insurance deals for all types of motorist. Bad credit will often be looked upon individually and no further charges will be incurred because every single one of our online auto insurance quotes is provided absolutely free of charge. By purchasing your auto insurance coverage through Promiga, you’ll be able to rebuild your credit history and makes significant savings on all of your future policy purchases.

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