How Environmental Awareness can Lower UK Auto Insurance Quotes

An increasing amount of pressure is being placed on UK drivers to lower their carbon footprints as far as vehicle use in concerned. The introduction of hybrid vehicles will eventually see environmentally friendly cars becoming the norm but until that time, the UK government are penalising drivers of powerful vehicles with high levels of road tax and higher auto insurance rates.

To a certain degree, this legislation has changed the way that the existing auto insurance marketplace works and your vehicle emissions will now be estimated every time you apply for auto insurance quotes. Carriers will automatically apply pre-defined figures and these will be added to your base rate alongside any other influential charges that may be applicable.

Some carriers are already separating themselves from the rest of the auto insurance marketplace by focusing their attention on ‘green’ auto insurance quotes. In particular, the Green Insurance Company specialises in coverage for vehicles that pursue 100% carbon-neutral emission standards and owners of these vehicles will receive a 5% reduction on their auto insurance quotes. Similar discounts will be applied to all policies that are purchased with minimal mileage coverage in mind.

Over time, these changes are bound to have a more significant effect on the total marketplace as other carriers follow suit. As new models are introduced, older vehicles that pour out carbon monoxide in high quantities will be subjected to higher auto insurance rates as a deterrent for continued use. The future of driving in the UK and the rest of the world is already changing for the benefit of our planet.

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