How Driving Histories affect Auto Insurance Quotes in Idaho

Motorists in Idaho will be highly aware of the impact auto insurance can have on the average monthly household budget. Although premiums have dropped slightly throughout the first part of 2010, previous rises over the last three years have left many Idaho road users struggling to meet their monthly payments and this has led to an increase in the number of uninsured and underinsured motorists using their vehicles on state highways.

There are a number of factors that a carrier will consider before offering auto insurance quotes to their customers. Primarily, a company will look at the driving history of the person being insured and the type of vehicle being used. Other family members who are being included on a policy will also be reviewed and underwriters will also consider other information such as crime rates and the number of vehicles on the road within a particular area.

Driving History

Before a company can raise a car insurance quote, they will thoroughly scrutinize the driving history of the applicant and in most cases, they will offer a premium based on driving performance over the previous three to five year period. Motorists should always try to employ a safe and responsible attitude to vehicle use as soon as they begin driving for the first time. By driving defensively over a sustained period of years, cheap auto insurance quotes will usually be much easier to find.

If a motorist has been involved in an accident where they have been found to be at fault, auto insurance premiums will inevitably increase. However, most major carriers will afford a certain amount of leeway for drivers who have been in an accident where a third party driver was to blame.

The performance of other family members within a household can also have a marked effect on auto insurance rates even if they have no intention of driving the vehicle that is being insured. While higher premiums might be inevitable on an initial basis, it may still become possible to find cheap auto insurance quotes a little further down the line once a parent or sibling has proven themselves to be a safe and conscientious driver.


The biggest impact that a driving history can have on your auto insurance quotes is the number of claims that have been made in the past. Although multiple claims will lead to increased premiums, an insurance company may refuse to offer you coverage altogether if you fail to provide details relating to any previous accidents you may have been involved in. The insurance carrier will also factor any claims made by family members into all auto insurance quotes and premiums will be set accordingly.

To help keep your car insurance costs low, it is advisable to only claim on accident damage that will have an effect on the way a vehicle operates. This is especially true on older vehicles where a few small dents and scratches become inevitable over a certain period of time. In many instances, accident damage can be rectified personally or taken to a body repair shop and paid for without the involvement of the insurance company.

Finding the Best Online Auto Insurance Quotes

There are a growing number of online resources that promise huge savings on the price of auto insurance but many of these websites are marketed with a view to maximizing profits. Many of them work on a commission basis so being oversold on your car insurance requirements is a distinct possibility.

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we deliberately avoid unscrupulous carriers who deliberately overcharge their customers and instead, we only choose to work in tandem with insurance companies that display a consistent record of excellent customer service and claims handling. All of our partners are A-rated carriers who specialize in providing cheap online auto insurance quotes for motorists in Idaho.

All car insurance quotes provided by Promiga are free of charge and require very little by way of personal information. As well as providing a superb range of potential policy purchases, our dedicated website can also provide access to cheap auto insurance quotes within minutes and all that we ask for is the ZIP code pertaining to the area in which you live. There will be no unsolicited mail to your door or inbox and no phone calls from eager sales representatives looking to force you into making a purchase.

Our only concern at Promiga is to offer our customers the very best online auto insurance quotes in the minimum amount of time. There is never any obligation to make a subsequent purchase and our extensive record has seen a trail of delighted consumers enjoying lower car insurance rates on an incredibly frequent basis.

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