How Does an Accident affect my Auto Insurance Premium?

For many motorists, an accident will seem to be something that simply happens to other people. However, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be all it takes to become yet another road statistic. If the worst actually happens, any subsequent claim will have an impact on future auto insurance quotes but motorists should take heart and remember that effective control over influential factors regarding their driving habits can still help to keep auto insurance rates down.

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Comparison Shopping

Just because your current auto insurance carrier is going to punish you for an accident, it doesn’t necessarily mean that others will do the same. Visit a price comparison website and obtain as many online auto insurance quotes as possible. These can be compared on a like-for-like basis until a suitably priced policy with adequate coverage is found.

Increase your Deductible Figure

By increasing your deductible figure to the $1,000 threshold or above, your auto insurance rates will plummet. Insurance companies will be delighted to let you carry part of the risk yourself and this inevitably makes your auto insurance quotes much cheaper.

Driving Record

An accident may have a negative effect on your driving record but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be punished forever. It’s vitally important to rebuild your driving record by adopting a safe and responsible attitude to road use. If you are prepared to take a defensive driving course, your auto insurance carrier may apply a further discount.

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