How does a DUI Conviction affect my Auto Insurance Rates?

A DUI conviction will have long-standing effects that can be humiliating for the motorist and expensive in terms of future costs. As well as having to cover the cost of fines, attorney fees and relicensing after a suspension, a DUI conviction will also lead to difficulty in finding auto insurance coverage in the future. Even if a suitable policy can be found, the chances are that your auto insurance rates will be incredibly expensive.

Once a motorist has been convicted of a DUI offence, an auto insurance company will automatically hike their rates to compensate for the risk the motorist presents. Indeed, many companies will automatically cancel a policy and this scenario can be the start of a nightmare road to finding a suitable alternative.

As a recognized high-risk driver, any auto insurance company that is willing to provide coverage will have to file SR-22 documentation with the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Proof of auto insurance coverage must be in place at all times and if a motorist allows their policy to lapse, the carrier is legally obliged to inform the Department of Motor Vehicles so that subsequent action can be taken.

Obtaining auto insurance quotes from leading carriers will become more difficult and the chances are that a motorist will only find less reputable companies are willing to provide them with coverage. In most cases, the auto insurance rates applied by these carriers will be astronomical and the coverage provided will usually be inferior to that offered by a more reputable company.

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