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How Does a DUI Affect Oklahoma Car Insurance Rates?

If you are charged with a DUI, you will probably be paying higher rates for your Oklahoma car insurance coverage. Your current car insurance company may cancel your policy outright. It may also refuse to renew your coverage when your policy term is about to expire.

Even if your current car insurance company agrees to continue providing coverage, you will be placed in the non-standard category for insurance purposes. This means you are now a high-risk driver and will be paying higher rates for between three and five years after the incident.

If you need to find a new Oklahoma car insurance company after you regain your driving privileges, you can approach some of the “standard” car insurance companies if they cover people in your situation. They may or may not cover drivers with a non-standard rating. Another option is to get quotes from companies that specialize in providing insurance coverage to high-risk drivers.

Pricing does vary, depending on the company involved. You want to find the best possible rates for your personal car insurance situation. Shopping around for coverage will allow you to do so.

Going online is an easy way to find out which companies are likely to offer coverage to high-risk drivers and to get quotes from them. When you find a company you are interested in, getting pricing information is a simple matter of filling out an online form.

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