How Do I Make a Car Insurance Claim

Drivers on the road must have auto insurance coverage in place, the number of people wonder how to go about making a claim against their policy. The first thing you need to do if you need to make a claim against you auto insurance policy is to contact the company. In many cases, the insurer will have a toll-free number specifically for this purpose. You can also find out how to get in touch with the company to make a claim by calling the customer service line for checking out the company’s website.

Write Down Details of the Incident

While the incident is still fresh in your mind, write down as much information as you can remember. It’s important to be specific. Only make note of what you personally saw or experienced, without guessing or speculating about details.

The claim you make to your insurance company will be based on this information. Along with your personal statement, take some pictures of your vehicle showing the damage it sustained. When you contact your auto insurance company to make the claim, you want to make sure you include as much detail as possible and being able to use pictures as well as words will help the insurer evaluate your claim more accurately.

If the Claim Involves a Criminal Offense

In a situation where the claim you’re making to your auto insurance company involves a criminal offense, such as damage to your vehicle, items stolen from your vehicle, or that the vehicle itself is stolen, you all so need to file a report with the police. Your insurance company will need to report number, so make sure you make note of this important information.

Once You Have Made Your Claim

Once you have made your claim, the insurance company will assign an adjuster to your file. You’ll want to be sure to make note of all conversations you have with your insurance provider in connection with the matter, as well as the name of anyone you speak with.

You will also need to keep copies of any documentation or receipts for expenses you incurred in support of your claim. The insurance company adjuster will need to evaluate the amount of damage done to the vehicle, before determining whether the car can be repaired the roof will be classified as a write off.

While you can go ahead and get quotes for repairing your vehicle from more than one garage, you will want to hold off on getting the work done until you have been advised that the insurance company will pay for it.You can use the repair shop of your choice, even if it is not on the list the insurance company provides. The list will include businesses the insurance company has worked with in past. If you jump the gun and have work done without authorization, the insurance company is not required to reimburse you for this expense.