How Do I Get Auto Insurance When Moving to a New State

How to get auto insurance when moving to a new state is something which anyone planning to relocate may be wondering about. Looking after your auto insurance needs is an essential part of moving but you will need to get to your new home before you can officially arrange for coverage in your new state.

Once you know where you will be living you can start looking for auto insurance coverage. Your existing policy will cover you for a short time after you move, but you will need to buy a policy from a company licensed to sell coverage in your new state after you arrive. (Your current coverage will probably cover you for 30 days after you arrive at your new home.)

Shop Around for Coverage

To get the best prices on the auto insurance coverage you need, make a point of comparing rates from several providers first. A change in circumstances, like moving to a different state, is a good time to review your current coverage to determine whether you need to make any changes to the type and level of protection you have in place.

If you are currently dealing with a national auto insurance provider, contact the company to let it know that you will be moving and to ask for a quote for coverage for after you arrive at your new home. This may be the easiest way to arrange for coverage, but your current company may not offer the best rates for the coverage you need.

Going online makes the process of finding coverage an easy and convenient one. You can visit individual auto insurance company web sites which serve your new state to find out how much you will be paying for coverage. The minimum level of coverage may be higher or lower in your new state, and this may mean that your new rate may be different as well.

When you are looking for auto insurance coverage, you also have the option of visiting a web site which can provide you with pricing information from more than one company at once. This is the fastest way to get pricing for your coverage, and you can go ahead and arrange for insurance from the company which can provide the lowest rates.

Once you arrive in your new state, you will probably need to show proof of insurance before you can register your vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Your existing policy will protect you for up to 30 days in most cases, which gives you some time to get coverage in place.

With everything you need to deal with when planning a move to another state, it can be easy to overlook your auto insurance needs. Make sure you add shopping for and getting coverage to your list of things to do so that you make sure you have the protection you need after you arrive in your new home without a lapse in coverage.


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