How Do I Change Auto Insurance Companies

Customers can change auto insurance companies at any time they wish. The easiest way to move to a different provider is when your current auto insurance term expires. You can also switch companies while your current coverage is in effect by notifying the auto insurance provider that you would like your coverage canceled as of a specific date.

Change Auto Insurance Company at End of Term

Shortly before your current auto insurance coverage is up for renewal, you will receive a notice in the mail from the company with the rate it will charge to continue covering you for the next six or 12 months. If you don’t let the auto insurance company know that you want to make a change, it will continue to provide coverage for your car at the rate listed on the renewal notice.

If you are thinking of changing insurance companies at this point, you need to have a plan. You should get quotes from several providers before making a final decision about whether to change insurance companies. Before you start getting pricing from different providers, take some time to review your current coverage to determine whether you have adequate protection or if you need to make some changes.

Once you know what level of coverage you need, you can focus your efforts on getting quotes for this amount of protection. Many auto insurance providers offer quotes for coverage online, and you can visit individual auto insurance web sites to learn something about the insurance provider and the products they offer before asking for pricing information.

Another option for getting pricing information online is to visit a site equipped with a quote tool that can provide several quotes for coverage at once. You would only need to provide your information once to find out how much you would pay for coverage from several companies.

Once you find a provider you are interested in working with, you can buy your policy online. The insurance company will issue a temporary auto insurance card that you can use until your policy documents and permanent card arrive by mail.

Change Auto Insurance Company Before Policy Expires

Your existing policy will set out the right procedure for cancelling your coverage if you want to change companies while your coverage is in force. You will want to find a new auto insurance company and have a policy issued before canceling your current coverage to avoid a lapse in coverage.

It’s a good idea to notify your former auto insurance company in writing that you want to make a change. Make sure you keep a copy of your letter for your records and send it to the insurance company by registered mail or courier so that you have proof of delivery.

If you decide to cancel your existing policy mid-term, you are entitled to a partial refund if you paid your premium in advance. The auto insurance company may charge a cancellation or administrative fee in this instance.


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