How do I apply for an Auto Insurance Policy?

There are a number of different methods that road users can employ when purchasing an auto insurance policy. Although some motorists still prefer to use traditional ways of obtaining coverage such as visiting land-based offices or using telephone call centres, the vast majority of road users are taking advantage of the growth in price comparison websites to cheap online auto insurance quotes.

Using a price comparison couldn’t be easier but finding the right one can often be a problem. Road users are advised to keep the following criteria in mind before applying for their online auto insurance quotes:

  • A preferred price comparison website should only use A-rated auto insurance companies that are licensed to operate in respective US states
  • All online auto insurance quotes should be provided on an obligation-free basis. Never purchase a policy from websites that uses pushy sales representatives who try to force you into a confirming a sale
  • A reputable price comparison website will only offer free auto insurance quotes. Avoid sites that charge commissions for using their services
  • Ignore websites that pester you for detailed personal information. In most cases, these websites are more interested in adding your name to their extensive mailing lists and they rarely specialize in auto insurance quotes as a first means of providing a service
  • Some price comparison websites offer multiple services and allow you to review prices on anything from domestic appliances to holiday travel. Always choose a resource that ONLY specializes in auto insurance quotes

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