How Car Insurance Rates are Established in the UK

In the UK, there are more than twenty different car insurance groups and when a policy is applied for, the driver and vehicle will be categorised by underwriters and placed into the appropriate sector. Although group placement ultimately affects car insurance quotes, there are a number of factors that underwriters will consider before deciding where a motorist will be placed.

  • The value of the car is one of the most important factors to affect car insurance rates. As well as having a higher market value, repairs and replacement parts will usually be more expensive
  • The time and cost involved in repairing a damaged vehicle will be factored by using previous repair costs on the same model. If a substantial number of drivers using the same model have a history of accidents with your chosen insurer, your premium will be higher
  • If a vehicle has a high performance engine and a faster rate of acceleration, car insurance quotes are likely to be more expensive
  • If a vehicle comes fitted with advanced safety and security features, underwriters will be aware of this and you stand more chance of being placed in a lower car insurance group
  • Age can be a determining factor in terms of the group a driver will be placed in. Accident statistics show that teenage drivers are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident and this inevitably places them in a high risk car insurance group
  • Even gender can affect your categorisation. Female drivers are involved in a similar number of accidents each year as their male counterparts but these are usually low-impact incidents with lower repair costs

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