How Car Insurance for Women can Vary with Age

Car insurance for women works in a different manner than it does for their male counterparts. On a statistical basis, women are less likely to be involved in accidents which produce expensive repair bills and because of this, insurance companies lower their prices accordingly. However, premiums can still vary greatly for women based on the age of the driver.

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An auto insurance policy will be significantly higher for female motorists between 16 and 24 years of age. All young motorists are considered to be part of a high-risk driving category although male drivers have a tendency to be charged much more for a policy than an equivalent female road user. Young drivers are involved in a greater number of road traffic accidents than experienced motorists and insurance companies recognize this fact in terms of policy prices.

Once a female driver reaches the age of 25, they can expect to see insurance costs lower significantly. Accident rates for this particular age group are much lower and in many instances, female drivers will have reached the next barrier of maturity and responsibility. In some cases, female motorists will already have young families and because their driving becomes more defensive when children are being driven around, policies have a tendency to drop in price.

Unfortunately, insurance costs will begin to rise again once a female motorist reaches the later years of her life. Because concentration and driving ability can be compromised as motorists get older, insurance costs can increase significantly when a female reaches 70 years of age.

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