How Can I Get a Copy of my Driving Record for an Auto Insurance Application?

For people who are looking for their first insurance policy or who want to change providers, the question, “How can I get a copy of my driving record for an auto insurance application?” is an important one. A driver who has been notified that his or her auto insurance rates will be increasing may also want to get a copy of the record to confirm that all the information it contains is correct.

Insurance companies ask for some basic information to provide a quote for coverage. One of the questions will be whether the applicant has received any tickets within the past three-five years. A driver who knows that he or she has one or more moving violations on his or her record but who isn’t sure of the date should make sure to check it to make sure that the information being provided on the application form is accurate.

Get a Copy of My Driving Record: US

Drivers who want to get a copy of their driving record can order one by mail or online. To get a paper copy of the driving record, contact the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Downloadable/printable forms may be available by visiting the state DMV website. The driver can fill out the form and mail it to the DMV, along with the required fee.

Another option for drivers who want to get a copy of their driving record is to order one online. This information may be offered from private companies as well as the state DMV. If looking at a website from a private company offering to provide records, make a point of checking out the site to make sure that the record provided will be an official document. Some private companies charge higher rates to provide a record than the DMV, and drivers will need to consider whether getting the information more quickly is worth makes paying the higher rates worthwhile.

Get a Copy of My Driving Record: Canada

Canadian drivers can get a copy of their driving record by visiting a driver licensing office. The information can also be ordered online or by sending a signed request to the provincial or territorial Ministry of Transportation office.

Before ordering a copy of a driving record, call or visit the Ministry of Transportation website to find out what types of records are available and how much a driver will have to pay to obtain this information. Fees will vary, depending on the province or territory. If a driver is going to the local driver’s licensing office to obtain his or her record, he or she should call first to find out about accepted payment methods.

Ordering a driving record when looking for auto insurance coverage is a good idea for everyone on the road. Insurance companies will pull an applicant’s driving record and use this information to help determine how much it will charge for coverage. For this reason, it’s important to confirm that the insurer is making the decision based on accurate information.