How Can a New Driver Find Cheap Auto Insurance Coverage

Consumers are increasingly concerned about keeping costs down, and new drivers may be wondering how to find cheap auto insurance coverage. A person who has recently obtained his or her license will want to get the best rates on insurance but may not know where to turn to find the lowest prices. Someone who is new to operating a vehicle will need to learn about his or her options and shop around before deciding on an auto insurance provider.

Insurance companies charge higher rates for young and/or recently-licensed drivers. They know that people who have limited experience behind the wheel are more likely to be involved in accidents. Since insurance providers set rates for coverage based on the level of risk that a driver represents, higher rates for coverage will likely be the norm for at least the first few years. Once a new driver has a few years of experience under his or her belt, insurance prices should start to come down.

Factors Which Affect Auto Insurance Rates

Along with the length of time a driver has been licensed, auto insurance providers consider several other factors when setting rates for car insurance, including;

  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Driver’s age and marital status
  • Where driver lives
  • Number of miles the applicant drives each year
  • Whether the applicant has been involved in any accident or accumulated moving violations

Depending on the state where the new driver lives, the insurance company may consider his or her credit score when deciding how much to charge for coverage. A new driver may be at a disadvantage in this instance if he or she doesn’t have much of a credit history for the insurer to consider.
Get Several Quotes and Compare Auto Insurance Rates

New drivers who want to find the best rates for auto insurance coverage should make a point of shopping around and getting quotes from several companies before choosing a provider. Rates charged by auto insurance companies vary, depending on the amount of risk they are prepared to undertake on behalf of their policyholders. Companies have differing levels of tolerance regarding the amount of risk they feel comfortable about taking on, which means that a person who is shopping around for coverage will see a range of prices for the same type and level of protection.

Shop for Auto Insurance Coverage Online

Most auto insurance providers have an online presence, which makes shopping for coverage an easy and convenient process. A new driver can visit individual insurance company websites to learn more about the companies licensed to sell policies in his or her state and the types of coverage they offer.

Getting a quote for auto insurance coverage online is a very quick and easy process. A driver would fill out a form answering a few basic questions to receive pricing information. Once the quotes have been received, the driver should review them carefully to confirm that they reflect the same type and level of coverage before making a choice about where to buy a policy.


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