How Auto Insurance Companies get their Leads

Many auto insurance companies now use mailing lists as a means of making offers to prospective clients. A massive number of motorists in the United States regularly receive mail-shots from a range of different carriers with the promises of discounted policies, improved coverage and excellent customer service. Although some consumers are more than happy to receive these regular offers, many view the random targeting of potential new customers as little more than spamming. How exactly do insurance carriers obtain personal details in the first place?

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More often than not, an insurer will actually purchase information about people. Usually, this information is gathered from mailing list companies who use personal details submitted to websites or other online businesses by consumers. Normally, this information is sold to insurers who are looking for a particular target group. If an individual obtains an insurance quote from a price comparison website, for example, that information may then be passed on to other companies operating in the same field. This gives insurers a valid lead to those who are actually in the market for the product they sell and this can increase their chances of gaining new custom.

Although mail-shots can be a great way for consumers to find out about competitively-priced deals, some regard the transfer of their personal details as intrusive. If an individual doesn’t want to be continually contacted by insurance companies, they can request to be unsubscribed from a mailing list. Legislation on this issue has tightened up significantly in recent years and companies who are found guilty of excessive promotional campaigning at an individual level can now be fined heavily for their actions.

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