Historical Difficulties Surrounding Car Insurance in Northern Ireland

Despite the relative peace that surrounds life in Northern Ireland during the modern age, many UK residents will still remember the haunting images of many years ago when the troubles almost destroyed a nation divided by religious and political upheaval. However, the aftermath of those difficult times still has an ongoing effect on the country and auto insurance rates are still being influenced by those infamous historical difficulties.

Northern Ireland became a whirlpool of lawlessness in the 1970’s and our nightly news was littered with depictions of burned-out vehicles, joyriding and civil unrest. As a result, car insurance rates climbed astronomically and premiums in Northern Ireland were much more expensive than those set throughout the rest of the United Kingdom.

The Peace Process and the Good Friday Agreement have done much to calm the social demographic of Northern Ireland but unfortunately, car insurance rates still remain more expensive than they do in England, Scotland and Wales. Car insurance coverage in Northern Ireland is almost three times more expensive than it is on the UK mainland and young drivers can face premiums of up to £3,000.

Although many car insurance companies have been accused of being shameless profiteers, there is still statistical evidence that supports the idea that driving standards in Northern Ireland are lower than they are throughout the rest of the United Kingdom. Higher claim rates and compensation payouts are also significant influences that increase the typical cost of a car insurance policy.

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