Handling an Auto Insurance Claim with Progressive

Promiga Auto Insurance quotes are delighted to list Progressive as one of their premier A-rated auto insurance carriers. The industry giants are just one of many premium auto insurance providers who operate on our dedicated website to bring you cheap auto insurance quotes and the very best in detailed coverage.

Progressive are also noted for delivering excellent after-sales service in the form of a comprehensive claims department that are ready and waiting to assist should an accident actually occur. Here’s what our customers can expect when they make a claim through this particular partner:

  • An appointment will be made so your vehicle can be checked over at a Progressive Concierge Service Centre. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll be checked in and a skilled engineer will appraise the damage on your vehicle before the claim is started. Courtesy cars will be provided subject to policy coverage
  • Once you’ve left, your claims representative will prepare a detailed estimate and send your vehicle to an approved body shop that meets the strict quality requirements of Progressive
  • Your claims representative will keep you updated on the repair process while your vehicle is out of your hands
  • Once complete, your vehicle will be returned to the Progressive Concierge Service Centre where the engineer will check the quality of the repairs that have been carried out
  • You will be invited to inspect and collect your vehicle. The claims representative will run through the repairs for you and the work will be guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle

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