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Growth in Arizona sees GEICO on the Hiring Trail

The continued sales growth in Arizona has seen GEICO unveiling plans to hire more than 80 new members of staff at their Tucson offices. In a marketplace where many smaller auto insurance companies are closing their doors forever on an almost daily basis, GEICO continue to enjoy unprecedented growth.

This is great news for the auto industry and even present employees with GEICO are delighted by the idea of taking on new colleagues. A recently-hired claims service representative highlighted the fact that stability is a rare commodity in the current auto insurance market place and any signs of growth are being welcomed with enthusiasm by all company employees.

GEICO are part of the Berkshire-Hathaway Group and are currently the third-largest auto insurance company in the country. At the present time, more than nine million policyholders enjoy auto insurance coverage issued by GEICO and these account for more than sixteen million different vehicles. Standards of service, effective claims handling and cheap auto insurance quotes have been the mainstay of business for GEICO for many years and the company currently enjoys an A++ rating given by independent industry analysts. 

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we are delighted to work in conjunction with GEICO and many of our policies are now provided by this recognized industry giant. Promiga also work alongside a wide range of other A-rated carriers to bring you cheap auto insurance quotes and a selection of policies that offer unbeatable coverage at exactly the right price.

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