Graduated Licensing for Nevada Teen Drivers

Nevada has instituted a graduated licensing system for teen drivers. Young people who are over the age of 15 can sign up for a driver’s education course. All teens under the age of 18 must complete a driver’s ed course. This rule even applies to teens who have been home schooled. They must take a program offered by a local high school or a professional driving school.

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The next step in the process is to get an instruction permit. Teens are required to log at least 50 hours of practice behind the wheel, including 10 hours at night. If the teen driver lives in a rural area, the requirement for behind the wheel training is doubled to 100 hours.

To get a full driver’s license, a teen driver must have completed these requirements and have his or her parent’s permission. The teen must have insurance in place before the driver’s license can be issued.

The easiest way for teens to get coverage is to have them added to a parent’s existing car insurance policy. The parent can start looking for coverage when the teen is old enough to take the driver’s education course.

Shopping around for coverage is the way to find the best rates to add a teen driver to an existing policy. Looking for quotes online is a quick and convenient way to meet the requirements for a teen to become fully licensed.

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