Government-run Manitoba Car Insurance Helps Keep Rates Low

At one time, drivers in Manitoba paid excessively high rates for their car insurance. This Canadian province had one of the highest car theft rates in the country, and insurance companies dealt with the increased number of claims by increasing premiums to the point where they were unaffordable for many residents.

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The provincial government responded by taking over mandatory car insurance in the province. The newly-established company, Manitoba Public Insurance, offered immobilizers at no charge for models that were most likely to be targeted by thieves. The amount of money paid out in claims decreased dramatically as a result, which meant that rates also fell.

Manitoba Public Insurance is an exceptionally well-run enterprise, and car insurance customers can buy their coverage from a licensed agent. The Manitoba government has also gotten out of the business of issuing car registrations and driver’s license renewals. Customers can visit their insurance agent’s office to pay for their car insurance coverage and look after renewing their license and registration in one visit.

Currently, Manitoba car insurance buyers enjoy the lowest rates in the country. The government-run plan for mandatory coverage offers consumers and efficient way to arrange for their car insurance and look after their registration and license renewal in one easy step. A customer needs only to contact an insurance agent to get these services.

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