Getting the Best Motor Insurance without Paying the Highest Rates

Obtaining the best insurance rates can be made much easier by carrying out some basic research at the time of a policy purchase. As well as establishing the best insurance cover to suit your own requirements, some comprehensive background work will also leave you knowing what to expect for your money.

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Negotiating the Deal

Some insurance companies can be notoriously conservative in rewarding safe drivers. If you have carried a policy with the same insurance company for several years and feel that your driving history isn’t being rewarded in the way that it should, tell your insurer directly. Many companies respond surprisingly quickly if they feel the might lose your custom.

Occasional Deals

If you are looking for a policy with a new insurer, try to find out which companies are offering the best deals for new customers. Many companies in the UK are now offering twelve months of motor insurance for the price of ten. Furthermore, online policy purchases are normally subject to a further discount of 10%.


Many insurance companies are now affiliated with banks, supermarkets or reward schemes and offer cheaper motor insurance to drivers using these services. Keep a keen eye on leaflets or national advertisements to see if there are any insurers that are directly linked to a company or institution you already use on a regular basis.

Price Comparison Sites

Price comparison sites are still one of the best ways to find cheap motor insurance. As well as being incredibly convenient to use, the fact that different insurance companies are competing for business on a head-to-head basis means that policy prices are often lower than those advertised elsewhere.

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