Getting the Best Car Insurance Rates

Obtaining the best car insurance deal possible doesn’t have to be a complicated or drawn-out affair. The growing numbers of insurance company and price comparison websites have taken much of the legwork out of obtaining a great policy but effective preparation in advance of searching for the best car insurance prices available will always come in handy.

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The Person

Be aware that the best car insurance prices are often reflected in the person taking out the policy. Two of the biggest factors in price fluctuation are the age of the driver and their motoring history. A background of accidents or driving offences is sure to see premiums soar.


Securing the best car insurance deal can often come down to inclusions within the policy itself. Increasing your deductibles will certainly minimize your outlay, but be aware that your risk is increased and, in the event of an accident, you will be expected to pay a higher figure in terms of your voluntary excess. Be aware of the trade-off you are making and try to find some comfortable ground where both the policy and deductibles stay at an affordable level.

The Car

Obviously, the vehicle itself will have a major impact in determining whether or not you can find the best car insurance deal possible. Cars that are classified in lower insurance groups will always be cheaper to insure than those that are pocketed in the high-end range of categories.

The Company

Often, the cheapest company isn’t always going to be the best choice so make sure that what you consider to be the best car insurance deal isn’t actually a false economy. Are extra options such as break down cover or roadside assistance included in your policy?

The most important factor in finding the best car insurance quote is establishing a balance between excellent cover and affordable price.

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