Getting Rewarded for Low Vehicle Mileage

The rising cost of gas and the increasing awareness of motorists regarding environmental issues have seen a growing number of vehicle owners reducing their annual mileage. Public transport and car pooling are becoming commonplace while other road users opt to walk or use bicycles. As well as being great for the planet, lower mileage is also fantastic for the longevity of vehicles and the auto insurance rates that are set on them.

According to GMAC Auto Insurance, participation in their Low Mileage Opt-In Program can lead to savings of up to 54% on auto insurance rates of the course of a single year. As well as protecting the environment and their pockets, drivers are also reducing their chances of being involved in a road traffic accident by spending less time on the roads. The company offers a series of tips that will help motorists gain the best benefits from low mileage driving and to make even greater savings on gas use:

  • Maintain your vehicle well. A regular maintenance schedule prevents the wearing of parts and reduces the cost of replacement components
  • Keep engines tuned and inflate tires regularly. A vehicle that runs smoothly will enjoy more efficient fuel consumption
  • Clean clutter and baggage from your car regularly to reduce the amount of weight being carried around. This will also help to increase performance
  • Go easy on the pedals. Fast acceleration and sudden braking uses more fuel
  • Plan all trips carefully to reduce your time on the road

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