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Getting Married? Review Your Maryland Car Insurance Coverage

If you have recently gotten married, you should let your Maryland car insurance company know about the change in your status. It can help you save money on the cost of your coverage.

Many insurers offer a price break to married policyholders. They consider people who have exchanged vows to be more responsible than their single counterparts, and insurance companies offer better rates to those people who they consider to present a lower level of risk.

If you and your spouse buy your coverage from the same Maryland car insurance company, you would qualify for a multi-vehicle discount.

A major life change, such as getting married, means that you should be reviewing your car insurance coverage. If you decide that you and your spouse will be combining your coverage, take some time to get quotes from a few different insurance companies and compare them carefully. Rates can vary significantly between providers, and taking the time to shop around means that you won’t be overpaying for your coverage.

If there is a home purchase in your future, consider buying your car insurance and homeowners’ policy from the same company. Doing so means that you will receive a discount on both policies.

When you are making wedding plans, don’t forget to add contacting your car insurance company to your list of things to do. You can save money on your premiums by advising the company about this major life change.

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