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Getting a Quote for Colorado Auto Insurance

When you are asking for a quote for Colorado auto insurance coverage, the insurer will ask you some questions to determine the rate you will be charged for your coverage. Before you ask for pricing information, get the following information ready:

Make and model of your vehicle

  • Whether you use it for commercial or personal purposes (or both)
  • Driver’s license number
  • Number of drivers in your household
  • Number of accidents/tickets you have been given in the past three-five years
  • Type of coverage you want
  • Policy limit requested

The insurance company will use this information for its underwriting process and to rate your level of risk as a driver. The higher the level of risk the insurance company determines you are, the more you will need to pay for your car insurance coverage.

When asking a car insurance company for a quote, it’s important to be truthful. Lying on your insurance application can have serious consequences. The insurance company will pull your driving record to find out about your past behavior. Failing to reveal a past accident or moving violation on your record may mean that the insurance company will refuse to cover you.

If the policy is issued and the insurance company finds out after the fact that you were not truthful on your application, it may render your entire policy null and void. The better choice is to be honest from the outset.

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