Get Auto Insurance Quotes in Kentucky without Providing Personal Information

One of the biggest fears faced by Kentucky consumers in today’s auto insurance marketplace is giving out personal information when car insurance quotes are being gathered for price comparison purposes. Although the auto insurance market is relatively free of scam artists and unscrupulous companies trying to make a fast buck, there are a number of operators who continue to be annoyingly persistent with their sales techniques. Even if a policy is purchased with a rival company, these auto insurance providers seem to have incredible difficulty in taking ‘No’ for an answer.

Thankfully, many auto insurance companies have taken the views of their customers on board and high-pressure sales tactics have given way to a softer sales approach where increased customer service and enhanced products are used to actually secure business. The era of the pushy telephone salesperson hasn’t disappeared completely but it certainly seems that their days are finally numbered.

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we never ask you for any personal information. While rival sites continue to ask for details relating to your driving license and social security card, all we ever ask for is the ZIP code for area that you live in. There will be no subsequent telephone calls from us or any other third party auto insurance companies looking to pressure you into making a purchase. When it comes to finding the best auto insurance rates in Kentucky, Promiga can provide a vast range of suitable policies from A-rated providers without the worry of your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

We firmly believe that all of our site visitors should have the privilege of being allowed to shop for their online auto insurance quotes without being bothered for sensitive information. Because of this, you will never be asked for your name, address or any other personal details until you are in direct contact with your preferred carrier. Naturally, the company that provides your policy of choice will need to take down information relating to yourself, your vehicle and your driving history but this will never be asked for at Promiga Auto Insurance quotes until you are actually ready take out a policy.

By only using A-rated companies, we are able to offer some of the most detailed auto insurance coverage in the current marketplace at highly competitive prices. Every single one of our online auto insurance quotes is provided to our customers free of charge. We never seek to take a fee or commission from our growing customer base and all site visitors can apply for an unlimited number of auto insurance quotes without having to spend so much as a dollar! Better still, we never try to force our customers into making a purchase through our site. All of our cheap car insurance quotes are provided without any obligation to actually buy a policy.

By combining affordable coverage with the type of service you want, Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes remain dedicated to bringing our customers the very best price comparison shopping experience available today!

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