Georgia Car Insurance and a Borrowed Car

If you are in an accident in a borrowed car, will your Georgia car insurance cover the damages caused? The answer is that you may have coverage, depending on the terms of your policy.

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The first thing is to read through the insurance policy to find out whether this circumstance is covered. The language will also specify whether there are any exclusions that apply in this case.

The portion of the insurance policy that discusses damage caused to the vehicle is the one to check for this information. If the language of the insurance policy states that you are covered for a direct loss to your vehicle or a “non-owned” one.

If you discover that your insurance policy will provide coverage, the next step is for you to report the incident to the company. You will need to provide details about how the accident occurred, as well as the date and the location.

Your car insurance plan may only pay for whatever amount is not covered under the owner’s car insurance plan. The owner’s policy would pay out first, and then any additional damages would be charged to your plan.

In a case where you have read the language of your Georgia car insurance coverage an you still have questions about whether you are protected, contact the insurance company directly.

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