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General Auto Insurance Tips for MN Drivers

When MN drivers are looking for auto insurance coverage, they should consider their purchase carefully. These tips will help consumers in the state to make the right buying decision.

1. Educate yourself about car insurance requirements.

MN state law requires a minimum level of coverage and all drivers must have at least this level of protection in place. A driver can buy a policy with a higher limit if he or she chooses.

2. Understand how the no-fault car insurance system works.

Under a no-fault system, people who have been injured in a car accident receive compensation for medical bills and lost wages from their own insurance provider. They can sue to collect damages when their level of damages meets a certain threshold.

3. Analyze your needs before shopping for coverage.

Before a driver can start looking for insurance coverage, he or she needs to determine how much protection he or she wants to buy, as well as what what type of insurance is needed. MN drivers must have Personal Injury Protection, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage and third party liability protection in place.

4. Shop around for best rates.

Pricing for MN auto insurance coverage can vary significantly between providers. To get the best possible pricing, a customer should be prepared to get quotes from a number of providers.

5. Ask about available discounts.

Insurance providers offer discounts to customers in a number of circumstances. Ask about price breaks for multiple policies, low annual mileage and clean driving records.

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