Florida No Fault Auto Insurance

One of the most confusing aspects of Florida no fault auto insurance is the way policies actually work when it comes to making a claim. The United States uses two different insurance systems. Tort auto insurance is still the most widely used form of coverage, but the system actually has several failings. In Tort states, road users have a financial responsibility to other road users. If a driver is found to be at fault in an accident, their insurance company covers the cost of injuries to all third party drivers and their passengers.

That’s all well and good when the offending driver is insured, but what happens when the at-fault driver has insufficient coverage or no auto insurance at all? Usually, these cases go to court and they eventually end up being backlogged because the court systems are so busy. Florida no fault auto insurance alleviates this problem in a very simple fashion.

In no fault states, road users carry auto insurance to cover their own personal injuries and those of their own passengers. As long as a policy is in place, drivers know that they will be able to receive treatment if they are injured as a result of a road traffic accident irrespective of who was at fault.

This makes the claims system much easier to deal with, and the subsequent pressures on the courts are ultimately relieved. Florida no fault auto insurance is available at Promiga, and we invite you to apply for your free, no-obligation quote today.

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