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Buying Your Car Insurance In Florida

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Money Saving Tricks for Auto Insurance In Florida

Auto insurance rates in Florida have been the subject of steep rises in recent years, and some road users choose to bypass state law by refusing to purchase a policy at all. Naturally, this has a further knock-on effect as far as auto insurance rates are concerned, and those who religiously pay for their policies on an annual basis ultimately have to absorb the cost of those who avoid paying for coverage.

The mandatory auto insurance requirements for Florida are $10,000 worth of bodily injury liability per person, $20,000 worth of bodily injury liability per accident and $10,000 worth of property damage liability. There are no obligations for road users to purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage or personal injury protection.

In an increasingly desperate bid to secure cheap auto insurance rates, many Florida road users settle for inferior coverage that only provides the minimum level of protection. However, a series of simple money saving tricks are available that can significantly reduce the cost of auto insurance quotes without having to compromise on the quality of a policy.

Although a large number of inclusions can be added on to the cost of a policy, these additional features can quickly raise the premium to an unaffordable level which makes cheap car insurance in Florida more difficult to come by. However, there are a several ways of decreasing the cost of a premium that most drivers can use.

Maintaining an accident-free driving record is imperative in acquiring cheap car insurance in Florida. Insurers look favorably on safe drivers and are often prepared to lower premiums accordingly if a good driving record can be provided.

Increasing deductibles is a worthwhile way of reducing insurance costs. However, it must be remembered that in the event of an accident, the policy holder will be eligible to pay any shortfalls in insurance coverage.

Advanced security features are an incredibly productive means of obtaining cheap car insurance in Florida. Fitted immobilizers, satellite tracking devices and etched windows are all features that insurance companies will consider when lowering the price of a premium.

Cheap car insurance in Florida is also attainable if annual mileage is kept to a minimal level. Because insurers work on a basis of risk, costs can be reduced if a vehicle is on the road for shorter periods of time.

Purchasing a policy online is another great way of finding cheap car insurance in Florida. Many companies offer a discount if purchases are made through a company website instead of over the telephone.

Building a Safe Driving History

Always pay attention to your aptitude as a driver, and apply a conservative approach to vehicle use. The more conscientious a driver is, the less chance there is of being involved in an accident. Over time, this helps to build up a safe driving history and most auto insurance companies will reward careful drivers with cheaper rates.

Watching your Credit Score

Although some states outlaw the use of credit scoring as a means of determining auto insurance rates, road users in Florida can find themselves paying more for coverage if they have a poor track record of making payments on their credit obligations. By obtaining a credit report, consumers can see where their financial history might be causing problems. If new payment arrangements are made and adhered to, a stronger credit rating is achieved and this helps road users to qualify for discounts when they apply for online auto insurance quotes.

Improving Driving Skills

Auto insurance companies are always on the lookout for signs of responsibility in their customer bases, and nothing shows more regard for safe road use than taking an advanced driving course. As well as refining motoring skills, an advanced driving course teaches a defensive attitude to driving that helps to anticipate the behavior of other road users. This significantly decreases the chances of an accident happening and will qualify participants for a reduction when auto insurance quotes are applied for in the future.

Keeping it Safe

In an age where vehicle theft and vandalism are reaching all-time highs, vehicle security has become a hot topic amongst most auto insurance companies. Naturally, many vehicle owners enjoy preferential auto insurance rates because they are able to keep their cars in a secure location overnight. However, it is still possible to qualify for discounts if additional security features are fitted to a vehicle, even if it remains parked on a roadside overnight. Immobilizers, satellite tracking systems and security-etched windows act as a deterrent to potential car thieves but make an attractive proposition to auto insurance companies.

Bundling Policies

Most households now have multiple insurance policies. As well as purchasing auto insurance, coverage is also needed for homes, household contents and other expensive possessions such as caravans, trailers or boats. By pooling all of your insurance requirements together into a bundle with the same company, an additional discount can be applied that can reduce annual policy costs by up to 20%.

Comparing Polices Regularly

Many road users make the mistake of only comparing their auto insurance policies on an annual basis. However, many carriers introduce special discounts periodically throughout the year, or simply place reduced auto insurance rates on the first year of coverage before hiking up their prices again. By monitoring the auto insurance marketplace on a regular basis, motorists can enjoy preferential deals and discounts all year round.

Minimizing Mileage

By keeping mileage down to less than 6,000 miles each year, road users can enjoy significantly cheaper auto insurance quotes. All too often, vehicle owners use their cars without thinking about whether they actually need to. Taking a short walk to nearby shops not only helps to reduce mileage and save money on your auto insurance rates, but it also contributes to a healthier lifestyle. Mileage can be reduced further by forming car pools with fellow employees if you are commuting into work, and public transport can also be used. Staying below the 6,000 mile limit is a great way to start enjoying cheap auto insurance quotes.


How does Florida Car Insurance Work?

While other states within the US operate under the Tort system, motorists in Florida will be more familiar with the no-fault auto insurance method and this will make a significant difference when it comes to obtaining car insurance quotes. Road users in the Sunshine State are obliged to take out property damage liability coverage and personal injury protection on all four-wheeled vehicles and these must be licensed with the Californian Department of Motor Vehicles.

Personal injury protection will cover the cost of injuries sustained by the policyholder in a road traffic accident up to the value agreed on the policy regardless of which driver was actually at fault. All auto insurance quotes relating to personal injury protection will also include coverage for all family members in the vehicle at the time of an accident, although non-related passengers and other individuals using the vehicle independently may not be covered unless the terms and conditions of a policy declare otherwise. If passengers are covered, personal injury protection will only extend this far if they do not have their own auto insurance policy to claim on.

The minimum mandatory level of personal injury protection is $10,000, although this can be increased at the same time as car insurance quotes are being compared. Consumers should not be left in the dark about the limits of personal injury protection. Many motorists mistakenly believe that their medical costs will be automatically covered after an accident as long as the financial threshold specified in the policy isn’t breached. However, motorists who have a deductible figure attached to their policy usually find that their insurers will only cover the cost of treatment after that sum has been subtracted from the overall cost of medical expenses.

Even if there are no deductible figures to consider, motorists are advised to look into the finer details of personal injury protection when they are reviewing their auto insurance quotes. Under the terms and conditions of most policies, personal injury protection payments will only be made up to a value of 80% of the total cost of medical treatment. Theoretically, a policy with no deductible attached could see the insured party having to foot 20% of the bill so if the total cost of medical expenses reach $10,000, the policyholder will be accountable for $2,000 of those costs.

Property damage liability will also be included within all car insurance quotes obtained in Florida and this is also set at $10,000. If the policyholder is involved in an accident with a third party, this level of coverage will cover the cost of repairs to their vehicle and replacement of any items contained within that are damaged as a result of the same accident. Once again, the level of coverage provided will dictate how much an insurer pays out should an accident actually occur. If only the minimum amount of mandatory insurance has been purchased, an accident with a high-end vehicle resulting in costs in excess of $10,000 will see the policyholder covering surplus costs from their own pocket.


Florida Drivers Save with Free Car Insurance Quotes

Checking out free car insurance quotes can help Florida drivers get the protection they need at affordable prices. Many companies will provide pricing information to a prospective buyer at no cost, and it’s a good idea to make a point of doing so before the current policy is up for renewal.

Insurance coverage needs change over time, and a policy which was a good fit for a newly-licensed driver may not longer be the right choice for an individual who has been on the road for a number of years. Ideally, a driver will buy as much insurance as he or she can afford, since this is a product that someone buys to protect his or her assets.

Rates for coverage vary, depending on the insurance provider. Each one determines how much risk it is prepared to assume on behalf of a policyholder and how much to charge to issue a policy. By shopping around, a driver will be able to find the company that can offer the best rates for his or her coverage.

Consumers can go online to get quotes for Florida car insurance coverage quickly and conveniently. The driver can visit individual web sites or go to one which has been equipped with an insurance quote tool that can generate prices from several providers at once. The quotes should be studied carefully once they have been received to confirm that all of them are for the same type and level of protection before making a buying decision.


How Much Florida Auto Insurance Liability Coverage Do I Need?

Under Florida state law, all registered vehicles must have insurance coverage in place. Since Florida is a no-fault car insurance state, people who have been injured in a car accident will make a claim for their injuries to their own insurance company first. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) covers the policyholder, his or her family members, and any passengers riding in the vehicle who are not covered under a PIP insurance plan.The minimum level of PIP coverage required by law is $10,000.

Property damage liability coverage of at least $10,000 is required by law in this state. The term “no fault” is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to car insurance since an investigation is conducted following an accident to determine which driver was responsible for the accident. That driver, through his or her insurance provider, is responsible for paying for repairs to the other driver’s car, as well as public property (buildings, fences, sheds, guard rails, sign posts, mailboxes) damaged in the accident.

A driver can buy a policy with a higher limit than the state minimum if he or she wishes to do so. Bodily injury liability coverage is available, and it’s a good idea to add it to an existing policy, since it pays for injuries sustained by the occupants of the other vehicle in a car accident which are not covered by PIP insurance.


The Effective way to Compare Florida Auto Insurance Quotes

The importance of effective price and policy comparisons in Florida should never be underestimated, particularly when residents of the Sunshine State are paying significantly more for their insurance coverage than most other regions in the United States. Motorists are best advised to obtain car insurance quotes from as many companies as possible and a final decision should always be based on sufficient coverage, reasonable pricing and an excellent previous record of customer service. Although this will usually involve the investment of a little time, the savings that can be found by reviewing auto insurance quotes effectively can be highly significant.

There are several different ways in which residents of Florida can compare their car insurance quotes. Those with a preference for face-to-face contact can visit the land-based offices of insurance companies or brokers although this particular method will usually be the most time consuming of all. Alternatively, a brief look through the local Yellow Pages will offer a massive amount of telephone call centers where auto insurance quotes can be obtained more quickly.

The massive growth of the internet over the last fifteen years has seen a huge number of consumers gathering car insurance quotes from insurance carriers that operate online or from price comparison websites. The ease with which policies can be directly compared against one another makes this method incredibly popular and because rival companies are offering auto insurance quotes on a head-to-head basis, this inevitably leads to extra discounts being applied.

The changing world of auto insurance has been heralded by many industry insiders as a consumer revolution and the impact created by the acquisition of online car insurance quotes has changed the current marketplace forever. Although many will find the use of price comparison websites a little impersonal, there can be no doubting the benefits that online auto insurance quotes provide. Many companies have sacrificed their land-based operations in favor of trading online and because overheads have been significantly reduced, these savings are ultimately passed on to their customer base in the shape of increased discounts and improved policies.

Even high-risk drivers in Florida are beginning to enjoy the benefits of online car insurance quotes. Young motorists, road users with a less-than-perfect driving record and owners of sports or performance cars are also finding that there are massive savings to be had. Many insurers that operate on an online basis only are now specializing in offering auto insurance quotes for those who might struggle to find adequate coverage elsewhere. Once again, the savings associated with not having to pay for expensive offices and staff to maintain them ultimately leads to additional discounts being applied even for high-risk motorists.

As with all other states, drivers in Florida are advised to make sure they are adequately covered before taking their vehicles on the road. Florida operates as a no-fault state and drivers are only obliged to take out personal injury protection and property damage coverage but any add-ons included within an auto insurance quote should always be considered.