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Florida Auto Insurance for Non-Residents

Do you spend time in Florida for business or pleasure throughout the year? If you spend more than 90 days out of 365 in the state, then you need to buy Florida auto insurance. State law requires you to have personal injury protection coverage and property damage liability coverage in place. The 90 days don’t have to be consecutive.

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How can you get the coverage you need? The easiest way to do so is to shop for coverage online. You can focus your search on insurance providers who serve Florida residents to get the protection you need. Failing to have the proper insurance coverage in place is a criminal offence in Florida. Getting caught without insurance coverage also means that your license may be suspended until you are able to provide this information.

When you are looking for car insurance as an out-of-state resident, make sure that the insurer knows that you only spend a certain amount of time in Florida. The more information the insurance company has about you, the better it is able to provide accurate pricing for you.

You are required to buy at least the minimum level of coverage for your personal injury protection plan, but the minimum requirement for this protection is relatively low. You will need to consider how much time you are spending in Florida before you decide whether you need a higher level of protection.

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