Finding the Best Auto Insurance Deal in the UK

The never-ending race for cheap auto insurance quotes in the UK continues unabated and motorists are using increasingly complex tactics in order to find the best deals. In many cases, their efforts can lead to disappointment and frustration but by following a few basic rules, the lowest auto insurance rates could only be a few clicks away!

  • Remember that the best auto insurance quotes aren’t just about price. It’s just as important to purchase the correct level of coverage. Fully comprehensive auto insurance is great for new cars but consider the two third-party alternatives if you own an older model
  • Never settle for the cheapest auto insurance quote without reviewing the policy carefully. Great auto insurance deals offer a perfect blend of coverage and price. In many cases, the best deal may be a little more expensive but you’ll have complete peace of mind every time you step in your car
  • Consider your driving patterns carefully. If your estimated annual mileage is low and you only drive in rural areas, the chances of being involved in an accident are decreased. You might be able to get away with a third-party policy even on a newer vehicle
  • Increase your auto insurance excess figure to enjoy cheap auto insurance quotes. The excess figure works in the same way as deductibles work in the US. By minimizing the risk an auto insurance carrier has to undertake and adopting some of the responsibility yourself, your auto insurance rates are likely to fall considerably

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