Finding an Auto Insurance Company

Talking to the owner of the body shop about car insurance? It’s not as far-fetched an idea as you might think. If your goal is to find a car insurer who treats its customers well when they make a claim, then you talk to someone who deals with adjusters regularly.

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The body shop owner deals with people who are performing these functions daily, and is in a unique position to offer an opinion about how different insurers conduct business. They know which companies pay out on claims promptly, and which ones tend to make policyholders jump through a few more hoops first.

Talking to someone working in a body shop also gives you an idea of which insurance companies are prepared to pay for new parts on car repairs, and which ones request that aftermarket parts be used as a cost-saving measure. This is valuable information that will help you to decide whether a particular insurance company is the right one for you.

When you get some names from the body shop owner, you still need to compare rates and find out about the company’s customer service policies before you make your final decision about your coverage. This is only one factor you need to consider when looking for car insurance, but if you ever need to make a claim you will be glad you did so.

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