Factors that affect your Louisiana Auto Insurance Rates

Many motorists in Louisiana are becoming increasingly concerned about rising auto insurance rates. At times, it almost seems like insurance companies simply snatch a random figure out of the air every time a policy is applied for. In reality, auto insurance companies actually work to very strict criteria and there are a number of different concerns that they take into consideration which can have a dramatic effect on any subsequent auto insurance quotes.

Driving History – The driving history of a motorist can have a strong influence on the rates applied to any auto insurance quote. Drivers with multiple accident claims and driving violations will find themselves being classed as a non-standard risk. This effectively makes them a high-risk driver and auto insurance rates will rise accordingly.

Credit Rating – When an auto insurance policy is being underwritten, a provider will check the credit history of the applicant and review their payment records on a range of related financial commitments. If a Louisiana motorist is regularly late with payments, higher auto insurance rates will apply.

Type of Vehicle – An auto insurance company will evaluate the vehicle being covered as a means of determining the risk it presents if a claim is eventually made on a policy. Older, cheaper vehicles with a low market value are usually much cheaper to insure because repair costs are relatively cheap. Aftermarket parts can be used without invalidating warranties and even if the vehicle is declared a total loss, the settlement figure won’t be particularly high. New vehicles will usually attract higher auto insurance rates because repair costs will be more expensive and OEM components will have to be used. If a vehicle is a sporty model with a performance engine or fitted turbo, it will also be subject to a higher premium.

Car Color – Somewhat surprisingly, the color of a vehicle can have a significant effect on auto insurance rates. Cars in traditional colors such as blue and red are subject to higher car insurance quotes than unusual colored vehicles such as yellow. This is because less common colored cars stand out easily and car thieves are often deterred from stealing them as they attract police attention more readily.

Age and Gender – A young male driver is likely to be charged more for an auto insurance policy than an older motorist or female. This is because they represent a higher accident risk based on statistical evidence that suggests they are less responsible and take more chances when they are in control of a motor vehicle.

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