Factors that Affect your Australian Auto Insurance Quotes

Ever wondered why you seem to be paying so much more for your auto insurance than a neighbor or a family member that lives on the other side of the country? There are a number of factors that affect auto insurance rates and by recognizing key issues whenever quotes are applied for, you should be able to reduce your annual or monthly costs significantly.

  • Your car color can actually affect your auto insurance rates. Pearlescent paints are more expensive to repair and this will be factored into your auto insurance quotes at the time of a policy application. However, rare colors such as solid pink can be cheaper to insure because they are more easily identifiable in the event of a car theft
  • The amount of mileage you intend to drive will ultimately influence your auto insurance rates. Spend more time on the road, and you’ll be much more likely to be seen as an accident risk. Try to keep vehicle usage to a minimum and help keep costs down
  • Listing a young driver on your policy will send premiums through the roof! Save money by enrolling your young driver on a safe driving course before adding them to your current auto insurance agreement
  • That sought-after cosmetic modification might do wonders for the appearance of your car, but it won’t do much for the health of your pockets! Modified vehicles are more prone to vandalism and this makes them a higher auto insurance risk
  • Living in the suburbs? The chances are that crime rates are higher in your local area than they might be in a more rural location. Expect to pay more for auto insurance if you live in any of the big cities

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