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Factors that Affect Oklahoma Car Insurance Rates

When you apply for Oklahoma car insurance coverage, there are several factors the company considers when deciding whether to offer to extend coverage to you and how much to charge for this protection. Not all factors are given the same consideration by insurance companies, which is why pricing does vary between providers.

Arguably the most important factor that an insurance company will look at is your driving record. If you don’t have a history of accidents or moving violations, you should be able to qualify for better rates than a driver who has these marks on his or her record.

Even if you are considered a higher risk driver, pricing will vary depending on the insurance provider. There are companies that focus on providing coverage to this niche market, and you can approach a few of them to get quotes for your coverage.

Other factors an Oklahoma car insurance company will consider include your annual mileage. Spending less time on the road means that you are less likely to be involved in an accident. As a result, you would qualify for lower rates.

Your age and gender are also factored in when car insurance companies are setting rates. Young drivers will pay more for their coverage than more experienced motorists, and young men are charged the highest rates of any group for their coverage.

To get the best rates for your Oklahoma car insurance coverage, be prepared to shop around and compare rates from several companies.

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