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Factors that affect Northern Ireland Car Insurance Quotes

After many decades of civil unrest, Northern Ireland is now a country enjoying a much-deserved period of peace. However, the troubles have left a series of scars on the body of the Emerald Isle and even the world of car insurance has been affected. The following points are all worthy of consideration when car insurance quotes are being compared:

  • Car insurance quotes in Northern Ireland can be more expensive than they are throughout the rest of the United Kingdom. Postcodes are regularly used by car insurance companies to determine premiums and the high rates of crime in some parts of Northern Ireland lead to expensive car insurance rates
  • Vehicles that are not fitted with security features have a tendency to attract expensive car insurance quotes. By having extra features fitted (such as immobilisers and security-etched windows), car insurance premiums will be much lower
  • Female motorists in Northern Ireland are considered to be a lower risk than their male counterparts and this means that they are much more likely to enjoy cheap car insurance quotes
  • Vandalism is a significant problem in Northern Ireland so comprehensive coverage on all newer vehicles is highly recommended
  • Being an island race, residents of Northern Ireland often have more reasons to undertake European driving. If this type of inclusion is required in a car insurance policy, you will need to ask your preferred car insurance provider to add the feature to your existing agreement
  • Usage is a key consideration when obtaining car insurance quotes in Northern Ireland. Avoid driving at night and limit your mileage to enjoy cheap car insurance rates

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