Factors that Affect New Hampshire Auto Insurance Rates

When customers are looking for New Hampshire auto insurance coverage, the rates they are quoted will depend on several factors. The companies will consider the driving record of the applicant, as well as other drivers in the household when deciding how much to charge for coverage. An insurance company can also consider the applicant’s credit history when working up a quote for coverage.

An applicant’s age and marital status are also given some weight by the auto insurance company. A young person who has recently learned how to drive is going to pay higher rates than a middle-aged driver with several years of experience on the road under his or her belt.

Marital status does matter to insurance companies in New Hampshire. A person who is married is considered more responsible and a lower risk for insurance purposes than a single individual.

Other factors that are considered when an insurance company sets rates include how much coverage the applicant would like to buy. A policy with a higher limit will cost more than one that is limited to the minimum level required by the state.

Having teen drivers in the household also means higher rates for New Hampshire car insurance coverage. When assessing risk, the insurer considers that the teens have access to the vehicle, not how often they actually drive it.