Factors that Affect Montana Car Insurance Rates

There are several factors that affect Montana car insurance rates. The main one is the applicant’s driving record. A person who does not have a history of being involved in accidents or having moving violations on his or her record is considered a lower risk for car insurance purposes than someone who has these incidents recorded.

Insurance companies look at a person’s past record as a way of gauging future behavior. If  you don’t currently have a clean driving record, you can start building one going forward. Take a defensive driving course to help you learn better driving habits, and you will eventually qualify for better rates.

Your age and gender also affect how much you will be charged for your Montana car insurance coverage. Young drivers are charged higher rates than people who have more experience behind the wheel, and young males are charged the highest rates of all. By the time you celebrate your 25th birthday, you should qualify for lower rates.

Location also matters when it comes to car insurance in Montana. Drivers who live in urban areas where there are lots of cars on the road and a higher risk of accidents will pay more for coverage than customers in rural locations.

The type of vehicle you drive is also factored in. Some cars are more likely to be stolen or have higher repair costs, and choosing to drive one means you will be paying higher rates for  your coverage.