Factors that Affect Missouri Auto Insurance Rates

A number of factors affect Missouri auto insurance rates. The most important one is your driving history. If you have a clean driving record, you should be able to get better rates on your car insurance coverage than a driver who has been involved in one or more accidents or who has moving violations on his or her record. Each insurance company licensed to provide coverage in the state uses its own formula to set rates for customers, and they may not give the same amount of weight to each factor.

An insurance company will also ask about the make and model of the car you drive. If you choose to drive one that is expensive to repair or more likely to be targeted by thieves, you will be digging deeper to pay for the insurance on it. Drivers of sports cars can count on paying higher rates for their coverage as well; the insurance company equates them with driving fast, which means a higher level of risk (and higher rates).

Your age and gender are also factored in. Young male drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents, therefore they pay higher rates for their coverage. Once a driver celebrates his or her 25th birthday, rates for Missouri auto insurance coverage should drop.

Location is another consideration for car insurance companies. Drivers who live in urban areas where there are a lot of cars and a higher potential for accidents are charged higher rates than their rural counterparts.