Factors that Affect Louisiana Car Insurance Rates

When an individual applies for Louisiana car insurance coverage, the insurance company considers a number of factors when determining how much to charge for coverage.


Male drivers under the age of 25 and females under the age of 21 pay the most for their car insurance coverage since they are more likely to be involved in accidents than more mature drivers.

Type of Car

The make and model of the vehicle matters to the insurance company. Choosing to drive a sports car or a luxury vehicle means higher premiums for drivers.


Where an applicant lives also affects his or her Louisiana car insurance rates. People who live in urban areas where there are more vehicles on the road and a higher risk of accidents will pay more for their insurance coverage than their rural counterparts.

Driving Record

A car insurance company will definitely take an applicant’s driving record into consideration when setting rates. Individuals who don’t have a history of accidents or moving violations qualify for lower rates than those who do not have a spotless record. If your record has some black marks on it, you will eventually be able to get lower rates on your Louisiana car insurance coverage if you are able to maintain stay accident and moving violation-free for a few years.