Factors that Affect LA Auto Insurance Quotes

Road users in Louisiana are often unaware of the factors that affect their LA auto insurance rates. Proposals can often appear to be random but in reality, LA auto insurance companies work to strict criteria whenever a policy is underwritten and this causes premiums to fluctuate. There are a number of factors which can be applied and each of them can have an effect on your LA auto insurance rates.

Driving History

 Your driving history will influence your LA auto insurance rates if you have made several accident claims or have driving violations against your name. These factors can qualify you as a high-risk driver and your LA auto insurance rates will usually rise accordingly.

Credit Rating

LA auto insurance companies check the credit histories of applicants to establish their levels of financial responsibility. If an applicant is consistently late with payments, higher LA auto insurance rates will be applied.


 Older vehicles with a low resale value are cheaper to insure than high performance models. Parts and repair costs are usually less expensive and non-OEM parts can be fitted without the risk of invalidating an existing warranty.


Blue and red cars are likely to attract higher LA auto insurance quotes than those manufactured in unusual colors. A yellow or pink car will stand out easily amongst other vehicles and this deters thieves from stealing them.


Male drivers under the age of 25 will pay more for a LA auto insurance policy than an older road user or female driver. Statistical evidence indicates a higher accident rate amongst this age group and this makes LA auto insurance rates more expensive.

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