Factors that Affect Australian Auto Insurance Rates

Australian auto insurance rates are affected by a series of different factors. By having a comprehensive understanding of those factors, road users should be able to influence their premiums in order to save money.

Driving History

Although little can be done to influence your past driving actions, your future behavior behind the wheel of a car can have a direct effect on any auto insurance rates you receive on subsequent policy offers. A defensive approach to vehicle use will help in this type of situation.


If you live in an inner-city area where crime rates and vehicle theft are higher than usual, you will inevitably be charged more when you apply for auto insurance quotes. Keeping your vehicle in a locked overnight location will help but if this isn’t possible, parking in a well-lit area with security camera coverage might prove to be advantageous.


Spend more time behind the wheel of your vehicle and the chances of being involved in an accident are increased. This will subsequently be reflected in your auto insurance rates. Wherever possible, minimize mileage by using public transport services or walking over shorter distances where the use of a car isn’t essential.

Security and Safety Features

Any modification that improves the safety or security of your vehicle will be rewarded by cheaper auto insurance rates. Although most modern vehicles are fitted with alarms and immobilizers, you could consider having windows etched with your license plate details or using the latest GPS satellite technology to track the location of your vehicle at all times. Automatic seat belts and anti-lock braking systems can also be added to improve car safety.

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