Factors that Affect Arkansas Car Insurance Rates

There are a number of factors that will affect car insurance rates for Arkansas drivers. It probably won’t surprise you to find out that drivers who have clean records can get lower rates than those who have been involved in one or more accidents or who have received traffic tickets. The car insurance company will likely go back three years when checking this factor.

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A car insurance applicant’s age is something else that the company will consider when setting rates. This is not something that a person has any control over, but as a person matures and gains experience they will qualify for lower rates. Arkansas car insurance companies will charge higher rates to customers who are under the age of 25, while mature drivers over the age of 50 may be offered discounts on the cost of their insurance.

Where you live is also included in the mix when it comes to car insurance rates. A person who is living in an urban area where there are many car insurance claims can expect to pay higher rates for coverage than another customer who resides in a rural area where accidents are less common. The number of car thefts in an applicant’s neighborhood also has a bearing on how much he or she will pay for car insurance coverage.

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