Factors Affecting Nebraska Car Insurance Rates

When car insurance providers in Nebraska are setting rates for customers, they consider a number of factors. The one that is given the most weight is probably the applicant’s driving history. The company looks at how long an applicant has been licensed, as well as whether he or she has been involved in one or more at-fault accidents or accumulated traffic tickets. An individual who has a record that includes one or both of these factors will be considered a higher risk for car insurance purposes, and will end up paying more for his or her coverage.

The make and model of the car to be insured is also considered. Customers who own or are thinking about buying a sports car will pay higher rates for their coverage, since these vehicles are meant to be driven fast and are more likely to be involved in accidents than some other models. SUV owners can also expect to pay more for their coverage, since they are more likely to cause significant damage to the other vehicle in an accident.

Location also matters when setting rates for Nebraska car insurance coverage. To provide an accurate quote, the company will ask where the owner plans to garage his or her vehicle. If the location is an area with a history of a high number of car thefts, the rate will be higher than for an owner who lives in a location that is not usually targeted by thieves.